Guizhou University

Guizhou University(GZU)was originally known as Guizhou Institute of Higher Learning. Later, it was turned into Provincial Guizhou University, National Guizhou College of Agriculture and Engineering, and National Guizhou University in the process of its development.

GZU has a full-time enrollment of 44588 undergraduates, 7233 postgraduates, 9415 adult students, and 291 international students. The university has a national center of engineering technology, an engineering laboratory co-constructed by the state and GZU, 5 national teaching bases and demonstration sites, 5 key laboratories or centers affiliated to the Ministry of Education, 34 provincial key laboratories or centers, and 4 provincial research centers of humanities and social sciences.

GZU is a base of international education aid authorized by the Ministry of Education, an institution offering Chinese Government Scholarship Programs, and a base of international cooperation in science and technology authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2009, GZU established Guizhou’s first Confucius Institute in Presbyterian College, U.S.. Four sessions of “China-ASEAN Educational Cooperation Week” have been successfully organized by GZU since 2008. The university also plays an important role in such international organizations as IAUP and AUAP.