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China Universityof Petroleum, Beijing resumed admission for international students from 1994.Aiming at cultivating professionals with international horizon and strongcompetence, the University has paid many efforts and made great achievements inimproving the quality of education as well as expanding the enrollment of thestudents in these years.

TheInternational School was established in 2011 to better promote the educationfor international students as well as international communication and exchange.It takes overall responsibility for the promotion of the internationaleducation and admission and administration for international students.

Till June of2015, the University has more than 850 international students on campus from 50countries with rich oil and gas resources including Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan,Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mongolia and Russia.

The InternationalSchool collaborates with other colleges in offering quality programs andinternational courses by integrating superior resources, designing reasonableeducation plans and training qualified teachers. The categories ofinternational education now include language training, pre-Bachelor program,Chinese-taught bachelor’s programs, Chinese and English-taught Master and PhDprograms. More than 82% international students are enrolled in academicprograms.

China Universityof Petroleum, Beijing has been maintaining good cooperation with energyenterprises. Since signing the first joint-training agreement in 1997 with anoverseas company, the University has established active cooperation with over20 Chinese companies and over 10 foreign companies, and has cultivated over1000 graduates for countries in Africa, Central Asia, Middle-East and SouthAmerica.

Every year since2013, the University and CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) willorganize jointly a Job Fair for International Graduates in CUPB, offering agood job-hunting opportunity for international students. The graduates’ careerprospects are bright.


Undergraduate Programs

The Bachelor’sprograms’ duration is 4 years. To be awarded a Bachelor’s degree, onemust complete the content of the teaching plan, successfully defendhis/her thesis as well as meeting the requirementsof gaining a Bachelor’s degree.



1Abide bythe laws of China and the regulations of the University

2 High school diploma with a good academic performance

3Below 35years of old and healthy

4Language:HSK4 or higher level


Documents or Materials needed for application

          Applicant’s high school diploma (should be notarized and authenticated)or proof of pre-graduation. Applicants studying atother schools in China have to provide proof of transfer

          Applicant’s transcript in high school (notarized version)

          HSKcertificate and Applicant’s copy of Passport

          Soft copy of your passport photo with blue background, photo size480x720, JPG format (uploaded as application material)

NotePlease upload the scanned copies of theabove-mentioned documents to the online applicationsystem (http://admission.cup.edu.cn )and offer your basic information there.



Test Subjects: Chinese(Grammar, Reading, Listening), Mathematics

Time: at9:00-11:30am on 15th of June, 2018
Location: to be specified on the Admission Notice

Note: Studentswith an average over 80 in the exam and HSK4 ≥200 could apply for BeijingGovernment Scholarship for International Students

Time for enrollment: September,2018,will be specified on Admission Notice


PhD Programs

The PhD programs’ durationis 4 years and could be extended to 5 years. To be awarded a doctorate,one must complete the content of the teaching plan, successfully defend his/herdissertation as well as meeting the requirements of gaining a doctoral degree.


1Abide by the laws of China andthe regulations of the University

2 Master’s degree with anaverage of 70/100. Applicants with an average over 80 can apply for BeijingGovernment Scholarship for International Students, and over 85 can apply forChinese Government Scholarship.

3Below 45 years of old andhealthy

4Language: HSK5 or higher level;IELTS 6.5 orTOEFL 80 for non-native Englishspeakers.

Documents or Materials needed for application

            Applicant’s Master’s degreecertificate (should be notarized and authenticated) or proof ofpre-graduation. Applicants studying at other Universities inChina have to provide proof of transfer

          Applicant’s transcriptduring the Master’s program (shouldbe notarized and authenticated)

            HSK certificate  or score report of IELTS/TOEFL

            Applicant’s copy ofPassport 

            Study and Research Plan

          Soft copy of your passport photowith blue background, photo size 480x720, JPG format (uploaded as applicationmaterial)

NotePlease uploadthe scanned copies of theabove-mentioned documents to the online applicationsystem (admission.cup.edu.cn )and offer your basic information there.

Time for enrollment: September, 2018, will bespecified on Admission Notice

Bachelor | 34 programs for admissions

Master | 76 programs for admissions

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